Jeep Liberty 2008

After 7 years, it was the time to restyle Jeep Cherokee. 2008 Cherokee (Liberty in US) has a boxy body, resembling Jeep's flagship car - Commander.

It's 6cm longer than old one, but actual length is 30cm larger because 5th wheel is no longer mounted to the rear door.
From technical point of view, 2008 Cherokee is Dodge Nitro's twin brother.

Cherokee is a real off-roader, 300kg heavier than Nissan X-Trail (which is 13cm longer), for example.
Its weight is partly responsible for less vibrant drive, but also affects the brakes, which are lazy.

Ground clearance is in the range of city SUVs (189mm), which is just too little for a real off-roader.
It will not affect the drive, but you will have to get used to the sound of rocks hitting the bottom.
Still, Cherokee will surely give you a pleasurable off-road drive, especially if you purchase a soft roof.

Interior is spacious, but somewhat dissapointing - lots of cheap squeaky plastics, rather plain dashboard and only a splash of luxury. Not even the Limited edition improves the impression - main differences between Limited and Sport editions are chrome grille, side bars and front spoiler.

Jeep Liberty 2008Jeep Liberty 2008 Interior

Restyled are front grille, front headlights and front bumper. New Grand Cherokee SRT8 with 470bhp is also restyled in similar manner.

Because of the built in HEMI 6.4 V8 470bhp engine, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the most powerful Jeep ever made.
It reaches 60mph in 4.9s, top speed is 158mph.
Jeep will release another new model in April - a special edition of Jeep Wrangler called Arctic.

Second generation of Jeep Compass was presented in Detroit in January. Front grille and hood are more Cherokee alike - such is the whole look of new Compass. Basic version has 2.0l 157bhp engine, more powerful one has 2,4l 172bhp engine.