Dodge - basic info and current lineup

The new era for Dodge started with Viper, a car so unique, especially since the Dodge company made it. Before the Viper, Dodge was known as abbreviation for Drips Oil, Drips Gas among common people.

Viper's huge commercial success helped the company regain it's long forgotten strength and gave a powerful boost for new models.

One of the new design concepts was a so-called "cab-forward" styling where wheels are pushed to the corners of the car, thus allowing more passenger space.

New design ideas were implemnted in passenger cars Stratus and Neon. Both turned to be great commercial hits.

Dodge has entered a SUV arena with Durango, which created a new niche - it was bit smaller than large SUVs, but also bigger then small ones, big enough for seven passengers, yet more versatile than truck-alike SUVs.

Current Dodge Lineup:

  • Sedans - Avenger, Caliber, Charger
  • Sports Cars - Viper, Challenger
  • Crossover - Journey
  • SUVs - Durango, Nitro
  • Trucks - Dakota, Ram, Chassis Cab, Outdoorsman, Laramie Longhorn
  • MiniVan - Grand Caravan
Dodge Logo

First Dodge model, after Fiat took over the Chrysler, is called Dart. Twelve exterior and 14 interior color combinations offer many personalization options.
It comes with 3 economy engines: 2.0, 1.4 turbo charged, both with 160bhp and 2.4 multiair with 184bhp.