Smoke vs. Fire - Corvette vs. Cayman

Big and fast or small and agile?
Corvette vs. Porsche - that's beyond ordinary duel. That's a clash of two philosophies.

Chevrolet CorvettePorsche Cayman

Fact is: Corvette is more powerful - mighty 6,2l V8 with 437bhp speeds to 100km/h in less than 5s.
Compared to that, Cayman's 3,4 boxer is weak. Straight road will be Corvette's playground, leaving Porsche far behind.

Still, there are not many such roads in Europe - fast sporty driving and cutting corners is where Cayman shines. Centrally placed engine provides perfect balance so needed on curvy roads.

On top of the above, Corvette needs 2,4l more for every 100km of the road. It has a larger storage space than Porsche - perfect for 6 packs of beer (non-alcoholic of course) compared to Cayman's only 4.

With no doubt, Corvette's sheer power is impressive. It's far better for easy cruising long distances.
But, Porsche's superior steering, traction and suspension are better, resulting in far more agile performance. Easy win!

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New member of Chevrolet's Cruze family is a compact van, Chevrolet Cruze Kombi. With 500-1500l storage space it's ideal for families with 2 kids.

It comes with two engines: 1.7l 17bhp diesel and 1.4 150bhp turbo.

First Volts have been sold, TNG powered 1.2l Aveo is at stores, while the second half of the year will bring us Chevrolet Cruze Station Wago and Malibu limo.

Chevrolet turns to younger drivers - concept Code 130R is a hint of what can be expected.
Code 130R is a sporty 4 seats coupe with rear wheel drive.
It comes with e-assist, which transforms the braking power into electrical which is then used to recharge batteries.