Volvo - basic company info and current lineup

Volvo is Swedish luxury car brand, a world's safety pioneer.

For decades, Volvos were indisputably safe and reliable cars, but also very dull. That's why the main target market was elderly people who put safety and reliability in front. However, latest Volvo design trends (airy dashboard for example) are clearly marking its path to young drivers' hearts, presenting the cars as dynamic and hype.

Current Volvo Lineup:

  • Sedans - S40, S60, S80
  • Versatility (vans) - V50, V60, V70
  • Crossover/SUV - XC60, XC70, XC90
  • Coupe/convertible - C30, C70

Despite the overall loses, Volvo managed to produce a high end edition of its model C70.

Production is limited to 2000 cars marked "Inscription". It will have plenty of aluminum and chrome details, pitch black 18" alu wheels, high quality leather interior, used on the dashboard, too. It will be available in black or white color. Engines are already used in other Volvo cars - 230bhp T5, and 2 diesel engines (150bhp D3 and 177bhp D4).

Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid combines efficient 2,4l diesel engine and LI-Ion 12W battery. Diesel engine refills the battery, average CO2 emission is a mere 49g/km, with outstanding fuel consumption of only 1,9l per 100km.