Opel - basic company info and current lineup

Opel is a German carmaker, formed in 1863 and is one of the world's oldest brands.
Owned and operated by GM, its right hand wheel models are branded as Vauxhall in UK.

Its latest model, Insignia (which is due to hit the market autumn 2008) marks a new era for Opel logo.

Current Opel Lineup:

  • Small city cars: Agila, Corsa
  • Cars: New Meriva, New Astra, Astra GTC, Insignia, OPC, Zafira
  • Crossover: Antara
Opel Logo

Opel has announced that sale of Opel Ampera will be postponed, despite the certain number of cars already being delivered to car dealers in Belgium, Switzerland, France and Netherlands.

The reason for delayed Europen start is investigation about the fires which happened to few Chevrolet Volts recently. Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera are technological twins. Problems were caused by Li-Ion battery which overheats even when the car is not on. Three cases of self-inflammation were recorded in the US.

New Zafira will share the same platform as Chevrolet Orlando. Unlike its younger cousin, Meriva, Zafira's doors will open traditionally. Interior is highly practical and spacious, with an option to diagonally move third row of seats and even pack it in the floor ("flex7" system).