Mercedes - basic company info and current lineup

Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury cars manufacturer. Throughout its almost 100 years long history, Mercs have been a synonym for uncompromised quality combined with constant technological innovations.

Pioneering innovations, it was the Mercs who first had ABS, safety cage, pre-tensioned set belts etc.

Very active in motorsport from its early days, admired by many, it's no wonder there are so many aftermarket tuners. This area has become that popular that even the Mercedes-Benz has its own in-house tuner company - AMG, whose "63 AMG" 8 cilinder engine, 525bhp is the world's most powerful engine.

Current Mercedes Lineup:

  • Compacts - A, B
  • Sedans, Coupes - C, E, S, CL, CLS
  • SUVs, Crossovers - GLK, G, GL, M, R
  • Roadsters, Supercars - SL, SLK, SLS
Mercedes logo

Within few months, European market will get new generations of BMW series 1, Audi A3 and VW Golf. Merecdes is joining the party with new A-classe, which is to be presented in Geneva.

New Merc A has a 2 volume 4,3m long body and 5 doors. Interior is packed with luxury, touchscreen being one of them. A classe shares the platform and engines with B classe. Two sporty versions are announced: sport and AMG with more than 300bhp.

By the end of 2012, Stuttgart factory will present a baby SUV called CLC, which will be built on A classe.

When new M classe was introduced a few months ago, it was clear that AMG version will follow soon. The time has come!

Good old tradition is 5.5l twin turbo V8 engine, delivering 525bhp with 700Nm torque, which is 15bhp and 70Nm more than previous M classe AMG. For those who expect more, and are willing to pay for it, Mercedes has prepared a "performance" package, which includes a more powerful engine (557bhp and 760Nm torque) and a splash of extra luxury (AMG wheel, composite material front hood...).

Always alert Mercedes-Benz have redesigned its C-class, with even more efficient engines (up to 30%). For the first time, start-stop system is included as standard equipment. Mercedes in-house tuner AMG have shown a fully electrical SLS, powered by 4 electro motors, with 525 bhp combined power (0-100 in 3,9s).