Lexus - basic info and current lineup

Lexus is a luxury vehicle subdivision of Toyota.

Since its debut in 1989, it has set new standards in reliability, build quality, silent drive and use of advanced technologies.

Lexus is top selling luxury brand in US.

Current Lexus models:

  • Sedans - LS, GS, ES, IS
  • Performance - IS F, LF A
  • Convertible - IS C
  • Luxury Utility - LX, GX, RX
  • Hybrids - LS, GS, RX, HS
Lexus Logo

Maximum aggression is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a new IS.Inspired by LF-CC concept (presented last year in Paris). Very aggressive front grille is the main design difference - apart from that, it has more spacious interior and even more luxurious equipment.

Lexus IS 250 will have 2,5l V6 200bhp petrol engine, while Lexus 300h combines 2,5 4 cylinder petrol engine with electro engine and CVT shiftgear.

New Lexus GS 250 was presented in China, sale in Europe and Asia starts in summer 2012.

GS 250 is powered by 2,5l petrol V6 engine delivering 209bhp and 253Nm torque. It comes with 6 gears manual transmission. It speeds to 60mph in 8,6s, with top speed of 142mph and average fuel consumption of 26,43mpg.

With competition such as Mercedes and BMW, Japanese premium brand has to improve its lineup, add new, and thoroughly redesign existing models.