Honda - basic facts and current lineup

Honda is a Japanese vehicle maker, probably one of the two best in the Asia. It started as a supplier for Toyota, but, over time, Honda made its own brand and spread its interests. Nowadays, apart from passenger cars and motorcycles, Honda produces trucks, ATVs, jets and jet engines, scooters and marine engines.

Honda was the first car maker to introduce it's luxury line - Acura started in 1985.

On any reliability test, Honda ranks very high - no wonder Honda cars are most valued ones in US used car markets.

Current Honda Lineup

  • Accord, Accord Crosstour
  • Civic (coupe, sedan, hybrid sedan, Si coupe, GX NGV sedan)
  • CR-V
  • CR-Z (sport hybrid)
  • Element
  • FCX Clarity
  • Fit
  • Insight
  • Odissey
  • Pilot
  • Ridgeline
Honda Logo

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Honda's hot Genève promotion was sporty Civic Type R Concept. R's hood is hiding 2.0l, 4 cylinder, direct injection, 280bhp petrol engine. It will be made as a 5-door hatchback only. Production is expected to start early 2015.

Honda realized that caravans are a must for compact class - therefore, this February will be a launch for a new Civic Tourer. Front lights are identical to hatchback version ones, while back lights are horizontal. Tourer is 9 inches longer than hatchback, and it has the most spacious cargo area with 624l. Engines come in 2 flavors - 1.8 142bhp petrol and a new 1.6 i-DTEC 120bhp diesel. Latter is promised to consume less than 4l per 100km.

New Honda's baby SUV is aimed to increase sales in Europe, competing with Opel Mocca, Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

"Urban SUV Concept" was presented in Detroid - production model will be built on Honda Jazz platform. It is promised to have a spacious interior, and well known engines including a new new 1.6l 120bhp diesel engine.