Car industry dates back to end of XIV century, when first usable petrol engine car was built. It has gone a long way since then, way which have marked the modern history. Cars are complex in many ways - not only by construction, but also environmentally, culturally and even sociologically.


Numerous scientific innovations have found its practical use in car industry. Even more were  investigated in order to solve the problems which arouse in auto industry, or to improve the cars we use. Nowadays, hybrid cars are common, fully electrical usable cars are knocking at the door. Fusion of technologies is obvious - computers are used not only to improve driving performance and safety, but also for fun and even in-car business.


Cars reflect the people's way of life, their habits , where they live and what they do. Even more, cars reflect the nation's culture. European, Asian and US cars are a living proof of that.


It's extremely hard to imagine what would the world look like without cars.

One can easily say that automotive industry is the power force of the modern world.

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Honda's hot Genève promotion was sporty Civic Type R Concept. R's hood is hiding 2.0l, 4 cylinder, direct injection, 280bhp petrol engine. It will be made as a 5-door hatchback only. Production is expected to start early 2015.

José Mourinho received Jaguar F-type coupe. It was handed to him at the ceremony in London, where he was announced as global Jaguar ambassador. Mourinho opted for R version, 5.0l petrol, 550bhp, worth 120.000 USD.

Ford Mustang will celebrate 50th anniversary in Genève. Sixth Mustangs will have a choice of 2 engines: well known 426bhp 5l petrol V8, and brand new Eco boost 2,3l turbo petrol 309bhp engine. Finally, Mustang got a multilink suspension.

Honda realized that caravans are a must for compact class - therefore, this February will be a launch for a new Civic Tourer. Front lights are identical to hatchback version ones, while back lights are horizontal. Tourer is 9 inches longer than hatchback, and it has the most spacious cargo area with 624l. Engines come in 2 flavors - 1.8 142bhp petrol and a new 1.6 i-DTEC 120bhp diesel. Latter is promised to consume less than 4l per 100km.

Restyled are front grille, front headlights and front bumper. New Grand Cherokee SRT8 with 470bhp is also restyled in similar manner.

Hyundai Genesis HCD-14 Genesis Concept comes with 5.0l petrol V8 engine, 8 shift automatic gearbox and rear wheel drive.

New Honda's baby SUV is aimed to increase sales in Europe, competing with Opel Mocca, Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

"Urban SUV Concept" was presented in Detroid - production model will be built on Honda Jazz platform. It is promised to have a spacious interior, and well known engines including a new new 1.6l 120bhp diesel engine.

G37's successor is tougher and more modern. It comes with two engines - V6 328bhp petrol engine, and 354bhp hybrid, both with all wheel drive.

Putting a Volt's engine into a 4.72m long 2+2 coupe is a very bold move. Expected elctro-powered autonomy is 56km, with total autonomy of 480km.

Production should start by the end of this year, with initial price of $70.000.

New NSX is announced for the end of 2014. Recent NSX study presented at Detroit is very close to what serial one will be.

It is almost certain that new Acura NSX will be hybrid: electro engine coupled with powerful V6 petrol engine and that it will have an all wheel drive.